When it comes to forward thinking technologies and industries it is always a good idea to have a firm grip on history. That way you’ll not only have a sense of where you came from but also where you’re headed. That’s why we decided to put this post together to take a brief look back at the history of text messaging and in turn, of text message marketing.

The Beginning
The first text message read “Merry Christmas”, and it was sent in 1992 by Neil Papworth, an engineer for the Sema Group in the UK. The inaugural text was sent from a computer to a mobile phone and marked the beginning of a paradigm shift in how the world communicated. Mobile phones with texting capabilities entered the market the next year but it would still be a while before they and texting would take off.

Texting Takes Over
Texting wasn’t an immediate sensation. Initially, people would send fewer texts in a month than we would send in five minutes today. But steadily more and more people were drawn to the convenience and immediacy of text messaging and 2007 was the first year that people in the US texted more than they made or received calls.

Technological advances played a big part in the rise of texting. Phones became (and continue to get) faster and more powerful. Not only that, but the act of typing out a message on a phone became physically easier. And with texting’s increased popularity came added cultural significance which was evident when incredibly popular reality television shows, like American Idol, began to allow their viewers to vote for their favorite contestant with texts.

Here and Now
Presently, billions of texts are sent each day. And just like mobile phones, they have only become more and more integrated with everyday life. According to an 2015 article from Time, Americans check their phones 8 billion times a day. It’s clear that cell phones, texts and text message marketing is here to stay.