In order to stay relevant in today’s mobile focused society industries have been forced to adapt and innovate, or they risk being left behind. This has been especially true in the entertainment industry which has always relied on its ability to engage with customers. They thrive off of creating products and environments that their customers are willing to spend their limited time and hard earned money to enjoy. That’s why it’s only natural for them to begin integrating cell phones and text message marketing in order to improve their offerings. One sector of entertainment where this is especially true is with a sports team and their stadiums which are often at the forefront of technology.

Making Diehard Fans

Text message integration has a lot to offer sports teams and the high tech stadiums they inhabit. For one, it is a great tool for selling the event and venue itself. Whether it’s a concert, a big game or anything in between–text message marketing can really help put butts in seats. There are severals ways sports franchises are leveraging text message marketing to increase attendance. They use it to offer subscribers discounts on tickets or increase interest in a game by offering ticket giveaways. These are tried and true tactics but text message marketing can go even further. Sports teams also send out scoring update blasts or provide relevant and timely statistics. They’re even able to organize entire fan bases by notifying them of an upcoming theme, such as a Whiteout night, so they can dress accordingly. But text message marketing isn’t used just to connect with guests but is also a powerful tool in keeping them safe.

Creating Safe Places To Cheer

During events, attendees are often given a number they can call or text when they’re in need. What this means, is that at a sporting event if there’s a guest who has had one too many, or fans of rival teams that started a scuffle, the other guests always has a way to reach out for help. Giving guests the direct line to management has improved the response time of security and other personnel and has also helped contain some incidents. But this does more than help the venue keep order and ensure the safety of their guests–but it also provides them with peace of mind and makes them feel cared for. And making sure guests know that you care about their well being and not just their money is a powerful way to engage with them.

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