The holidays are an important time for the retail industry. For most locations, the holiday season is the first time stores will be in the black or begin to turn a profit for the year. That’s how Black Friday got its name, and how it and Cyber Monday have become so important in the retail landscape.

Standout From The Crowd

It’s important to stand out during the holiday season because that’s when competition between stores is at its fiercest. And in order to stand out your store needs an edge–something that will separate it from the pack. You can take your holiday season to the next level by not only focusing on the merchandise you’re selling but by also focusing on how you interact with your customers. After all, you can’t let your deals speak for themselves because your competitors will be running similar promotions.

Be A Trendsetter

While most stores will be advertising their deals in holiday circulars, or through emails blasts, you can instantly connect with your customer list through text marketing. It’s a fact that most advertising emails are never even opened, while marketing texts are usually opened within minutes of being sent. On the busiest shopping days of the year having access to this immediate connection to potential customers can make all the difference.

Start Early

It’s important to start preparing your holiday text message campaign as soon as possible. The more work you put into it now, the more you’ll get out of it later. You want to focus on growing your customer list now so that you’ll have more to leverage during the holiday season. Now is also the best time to see what types of offers and promotions your customer base are the most responsive to. These are the types of offers you’ll want to make during Black Friday or Cyber Monday to maximize their impact.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. During the holidays you’re competing with a ton of different stores for customer attention, so you shouldn’t hesitate to think outside of the box. That could mean offering subscriber exclusive deals or even running contests on Black Friday.

As the shopping habits of Americans continue to evolve, it is important for store owners to adapt along with them. And text message marketing provides a valuable tool for making connections with customers during their increasingly busy lives.

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