In our last post we shined a light on several bad habits you may be committing with your current text marketing campaign. Here we’ll do the opposite and share a handful of successful tactics to utilize that will vastly improve your text marketing results.

Examine Your Responses

You should always be mindful of the response numbers your texts are eliciting. This can tell you what types of messages and offers are connecting with your audience. And if your messages are only connecting with some of the recipients, then that’s something you need to address. You may find that you’re not connecting with one section of your audience because the messages you’re sending them just don’t align with their interests. In that case, you may want to create texts that would be more appealing to that specific audience. Experiment and be creative–it can take some time before you find what works.

Construct your messages properly

You’re competing against a million other things for your customer’s attention, so that’s why you should keep all of your messages short and to the point. That means including a strong call of action and trimming the fat from all of your messages. What are the most exciting and newsworthy elements about what you want to say? Keep those items and get rid of everything else. Find the heart of what you want to say so your customers stay engaged.

Personalize Your Messages

It’s always a good idea to personalize each text message so that the recipient feels special. Something as simple as including the person’s name can go a long way to building brand loyalty. You can take this a step further by creating routines that automatically send texts to customers as soon as preset conditions are met. For instance, you can have a text sent out to a customer as soon as they’ve bought an item at your store. The text could ask them for a review or give them a coupon to go toward their next purchase.  

Hopefully, you’ve found these suggestions useful and are able to employ them successfully in your own text marketing campaigns. The main thing to take away from this post is that if you’re able to demonstrate the value of your texts, then you’ll see a strong return on your investment.