SMS Marketing is at the forefront of today’s marketing industry. And as with any true paradigm shift, it will continue to play a large role in the future of this business. Even now, companies the world over are devising ways to integrate text marketing into their preexisting plans. That should give you an idea of how important text marketing has become. Unfortunately, this importance has not prevented some companies from getting their text marketing campaigns wrong. Very wrong. We realize that this is a relatively new type of marketing so you’re bound to see some mistakes. That’s why we put together this short list of things you may be doing wrong with your text marketing campaign.

You’re Making Presentational Errors

This entry incorporates several things but the main thing of note is that you should still be very concerned with how you present yourself. Send out texts that reflect the prestige and attitude of your brand. Also, and this may seem obvious, make sure your customers know the text is from you. You should also be using professional language and send texts free of slang or abbreviations. Your customers’ time is important and this is how you show them that you value their attention.

You’re Not Demonstrating Value

This is a point we often belabor here but with good reason. If your customers are going to the trouble of signing up to receive your texts then they should really get something out of it. You should present them with deals or coupons that aren’t available to the rest of your customers. This will prevent your customers from unsubscribing from your list, and it could even get them to tell their friends about it.

You’re Being A Nuisance

This is another broad entry but it concerns mistakes that will derail your campaigns the fastest. If you are being a nuisance, you may be sending texts to customers at odd hours–like late at night. Or you may be sending them too many messages throughout the course of a day. Possibly you’re sending them misleading texts or ones that have no real correlation with your business. If you’re making any of these errors you should stop as soon as possible. Whenever someone signs up for your text marketing campaign you should feel privileged. And you should treat them like what they really are–valued customers.


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