Text message marketing is a powerful tool for communicating with your customers and making sure they’re engaged with your brand. SMS marketing is also something that can always be tweaked and integrated into your business in new ways. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. But even if you want to do a lot more with text messages that doesn’t mean you have to do a lot more work. Enter: automated text messages. With these you’ll be able to increase interaction and engagement without lifting a finger after the initial setup. Automated text marketing opens the door to a lot of possibilities, a few of which we’ll discuss below.

Keep In Touch With Auto Reminders

A lot of time and effort goes into attracting new customers, so once you have them you should work hard to keep them. Text message automation can help here by keeping you in the forefront of your customer’s minds. Here’s a scenario for a car mechanic. Say you’ve performed an oil change on a customer’s car. It’s customary to place a sticker on the inside windshield that displays the date when the driver should return for their next change. But likely even more effective than that sticker would be to notify them through text message that it’s time to have their oil changed again. You could do similar things with a dentist’s office where you send patients a text whenever it’s time for their next appointment. These reminders can be set up with minimal fuss and they provide a helpful service to your clientele.

Make Your Customers Feel Special

Automated SMS texts can also be used to show your customers that you care about them. One idea is to set up texts to go out to those on your marketing lists whenever it’s their birthday. It can just be a quick message to show them you’re thinking about them, or you could even give them a gift in the form of a coupon. You could also reward your customer’s shopping habits by automatically sending texts to them whenever their favorite items go on sale. Setting up routines like this is easy and they go a long way in demonstrating the value of receiving your text messages.