Autumn signals an important time for many businesses, especially those in the retail sector. It’s when things pick up for them and they begin turning a profit. But you don’t have to be in retail to take full advantage of the fall season. Here we have a few tips, and ideas, that can lead your SMS marketing campaign to new heights.

Host a Costume Contest/Party
Depending on the venue this can be an all-ages affair or something just for the late-night crowd. Just about everyone loves getting dressed up, especially during this time of year, so you can drum up a lot of excitement about your business by hosting one. And if you offer a decent prize for the winner, then you can drive even more business to your establishment. Text message marketing can be used to publicize and explain the rules to the participants. You can even take it one step further and have everyone vote on best costume by texting. This will make everyone feel like a bigger part of the event and will also lead to more people opting into your text message marketing campaign.

Harness The Power of Sports
The Football season is in full swing, the NBA is just starting and the October Classic is stepping up to the plate. Just like Halloween, people are passionate about sports so if you can find a way to tap into that you’re instantly going to be able to build a rapport and connection with your audience. You can do this in a number of ways. For instance, a restaurant could offer a discount or give away a free meal item if their team wins a World Series game. Or a sporting goods store could offer a sale on all team apparel for the local franchise. And with text message marketing you can respond to each game in real time to make sure you’re keeping your customers engaged.

The possibilities for seasonal tie-ins for the fall are as endless as your imagination. You could give out discounts to people who come to your store in costume. Or publicize new seasonal offerings that you have available. It’s just important to do something that’s fun and authentic. You’ll get the most out of it that way and so will your customers.

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