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We’ve mentioned the need for eye-popping sales during this time of year before, but it’s advice that bears repeating. There will be a glut of sales and offers available from all of your competitors so it’s important to make sure yours are able to cut through the surrounding noise. There are a number of different ways you can accomplish this with text message marketing, and here are just a few.

Teasers For Upcoming Sales: You can send out a text before a prominent item goes on sale in order to increase your customer’s anticipation.

Wishlist Notifications: If you offer wish lists at your store it’s always a smart idea to provide alerts so customers know the second an item they want goes on sale.

Distribute Black Friday Circulars Digitally: Ad circulars have been a mainstay of the retail world for years and they aren’t going away anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be improved upon. Instead of only having physical copies of these, you should also post a version online. And then once it’s up you can send it to your followers. There’s a greater chance they view this copy, rather than a paper one which will inevitably be mixed with others.  

Remember To Use Coupons: Just because most (if not all) of your store is already on sale, that doesn’t mean you can’t sweeten the pot a bit more. If you’re tracking everything being sold, which you should be doing, text messages give you the ability to switch things up on the fly. For instance, if you have one product that isn’t selling as well as you’d like, you can send out a text message blast to all of your subscribers discounting that item further. This allows you to bring more attention to that item and thus sell additional units.

These are all tips that will work year round, but when used in conjunction with major shopping days you’ll see a significant boost in revenue.

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