No one enjoys returns. Not stores and not the customers that have to trek out to retail locations during the dog days of January to wait in line. But it is inevitable that scores of people will receive gifts that just don’t fit. It’s well known that dealing with returns is a costly and time-consuming process. But there are still ways retail locations can take a return and turn it into a net gain.

Better Returns Through Texting Technology

Whenever someone comes into your store you are presented with an opportunity. This is true even if they’re only there to return merchandise. One of the main opportunities you have here is a chance to impress them with great service. As stated above, no one enjoys returns. Your customers hate it because they’re expecting a drawn out, time-draining process. But you can give them the opposite. By developing an efficient process to handle returns you can surprise your customers. And an SMS system can help you do this. For instance, when you have a line building up at customer service, employees can hit a preprogrammed button which will instantly send out a message calling for backup. It will make processing returns faster which is sure to delight your customers.

Take Advantage Of A Captive Audience

Another proven way to take advantage of returns is to make sure the branding for your text message marketing campaign is set up well in advance. But if not, now is the perfect time to get it going. Here are a few things you can do to start growing your list right now:

  1. Make sure your SMS campaign signage is clearly displayed all throughout your store and especially where you process returns. There’s a good chance that lines will be backed up despite your best efforts, so customers will have more than enough time to read your promotional signage and act on it.
  1. Make sure your employees are pitching the text marketing campaign with your customers. Have them communicate why the service is valuable and how it will improve their shopping experience.
  1. Don’t stop at signs. You can also place instructions on how to sign up to your text marketing campaign on anything you hand to customers. This includes recipes or even coupons.

By following these tips you can take a troublesome situation and turn it into an opportunity to create lifelong customers. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us.

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