Examine holiday shopping trends and the conclusion is clear: online shopping is here to stay. More people shopped online during the holidays this year than ever before and this trend is expected to continue as time goes on. That makes it all the more important for stores to adapt. Text message marketing can be a valuable tool for increasing online shopping sales. Here we will cover a number of tried and true methods for using it to take your online profits to the next level.

Leverage Time-Sensitive Sales/Coupons

You can generate interest and urgency by sending out time-sensitive discounts to your subscribers. Letting someone know that they only have a limited time to take advantage of a great deal can help increase the sale of specific items. It will also demonstrate why it’s valuable to be a part of your texting list. Of course, this is only effective if the discount is worthwhile so be sure to make it enticing.

Always Be Closing

Getting a customer onto your site is great. And getting them to add items to their shopping cart is even better but that does not guarantee a sale. A lot of things may stop someone from checking out. They could have gotten sticker shock at the last moment or maybe they got distracted and went onto something else. Whatever the reason a well-crafted text message can help you close these sales. With our system, you can set up routines that will automatically send customers a text once they abandon their shopping cart. This text can serve as only a reminder or it could include a coupon for one of the items within the cart. Either way, you’re giving the shopper a reason to reconsider.

Create Catered Shopping Events

There are dozens of shopping events all throughout the year vying for the attention of shoppers everywhere. That’s why more and more retailers are turning to text message marketing to instantly get the word out about their event specials. And while this works great for brick and mortar stores it works even better online. That’s because you can send subscribers specials specifically tailored to their tastes by using their past shopping history.  Doing this will increase the likelihood of making a sale and will also make customers feel valued.

Text message marketing should be an important part of any online store. It’s able to increase engagement and instantly relay information to potential customers. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to contact us.