Mobile Marketing is all about access. Being able to communicate with your audience via mobile devices gives you a way to instantly engage with your base. It’s an incredibly powerful tool which, when used well, can enrich your customer’s experience. One way you can further build on this interaction is by developing a mobile app for your company.

When used correctly a mobile app can provide unprecedented access to your audience. It can also help build brand awareness and most importantly: provide useful services to your customers. But don’t start designing your app just yet. Before that, you need to ask yourself a number of questions to determine whether or not it is even worth it. You’ll find a few of these questions below.

Does your competitor have an app?

If so then you should take a good look at it. What does it do? How could you improve the design? These questions can give you an idea of whether or not an app would be a good fit for your business. But just because none of your direct competitors have an app doesn’t mean building one is necessarily a bad idea.

Does it fill a need or solve a problem?

This is a good time to leverage all of the data and information you’ve been collecting. Is there an element of your business model that is lagging behind? Or is there something you do that raises the ire of your customers? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have a very good reason to develop an app. For example, if you are a fast casual restaurant that is having trouble managing the lunch rush you may be able to improve your service with a mobile app. You can introduce the app to your customers as a way for them to place their lunch order ahead of time. This will cut down on lines and will allow you to process orders faster, bringing in more profits.

Additionally, SenText Solutions can provide an easy way to significantly increase the number of app downloads for your customers and prospects, while also enabling you to capture them as mobile subscribers to communicate with them via SMS text message. Simply use a keyword and shortcode with a CTA in your media promotion, to download the app by text. We can provide invaluable information on a successful strategy to make this happen.  So in the case your app is ever deleted by the subscriber, you will also be able to communicate with them via text message. No one, deletes the texting app, and it is universal on all phones.

These are only a few things to consider before going ahead with your mobile app, but don’t worry this is just the first in a number of posts where we will be covering this topic. There will be more down the line, particularly on how to best integrate a mobile app with your existing marketing strategy. Stay tuned!

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