Winter can be a harsh time for many areas of the country–especially here in the northeast. It proves challenging not only for residents but for businesses as well. It’s hard to plan around a blizzard or, any inclement weather for that matter, but the task becomes that much easier when you employ mobile marketing.    

Watch The Skies

The best way to mitigate the damage a winter storm can do to your business is to prepare as much as possible beforehand. To many people, this means stocking up on water and necessities but for a business, this should mean staying informed. This means staying abreast of the local forecast at all times, not just when the nor’easter to end all nor’easters is on the way. Make no mistake–if there’s a bad storm on the way, there’s likely nothing you can do but close up shop. But if there’s going to be a light dusting in the morning you could send out a text message blast letting people know you’re going to be opening late. The same goes for times where you’re forced to close early. This has the added benefit of keeping your customers informed and avoiding someone trekking out to your business just to find it close. But once the snow has been cleared away–what should you do next?

Let Everyone Know You’re Open For Business

After the snowstorms, or between them if necessary, a well-crafted text message can go a long way toward jump-starting business again. If you run a restaurant offer them something that is the exact opposite of sitting inside their house munching on canned goods. For instance, weather permitting (and fingers crossed), you can notify your customers that your patio dining areas are available. And yes, it may still be chilly but enjoying brunch out in the fresh air can be incredibly tempting after a long, long winter. This is a good time to remind your customers why they decided to patronage your business in the first place. Think of it as a chance to reintroduce yourself–so be sure to put your best foot forward.     

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