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Advertising is an incredibly important part of any business. But just like anything else in life it has to be done correctly in order to have any effect. To underscore this sentiment, let’s look at an excerpt of a testimonial sent to us by Paul Saw, who is the owner of Dao Fusion Cuisine & Lounge:

“SenText Solutions service provides us a distinct advantage over conventional marketing. We now have the ability to spontaneously send out specials to our customers when we need it most, during our slow periods. It gives our restaurant immediate results! We are able to gauge how well the service works by the overwhelming response we have gotten from our customers. For example, my wife and I went away on vacation for a week and I had neglected to preset or send out any messages that week. When we returned not only did one customer but several ask why we hadn’t sent out any specials the previous week. It was at that point that we realized your service has become a very important part of how we do business. Not only do our customers want to receive messages, they expect it!”

Here you can see that Paul was able to use text message marketing to establish a strong rapport with his customers. That’s why In this post we decided to take a look at using advertising to increase customer loyalty and how you can improve your efforts with text message marketing.

Building customer loyalty has several advantages:

  1. It’s cheaper and less time-consuming to retain customers then it is to attract new customers. This is true of all businesses but especially with restaurants. Creating loyal diners who return again and again will sustain your business better than constantly seeking new customers.
  2. Text message marketing gives you the opportunity to personalize each message that you send to a customer. Doing this is not time-consuming since it can be automated but it can go a long way toward making a customer feel appreciated. This, in turn, will make them feel more engaged with your business and more likely to return.
  3. One of the most powerful tools of advertisement available to businesses in this day and age is still word of mouth. If you are able to turn your customers into advocates for your product then they will do the work of advertising for you. This could be by telling their friends and family about your restaurant or it could be as simple as leaving a review on one of their social media profiles. You’re able to extend the reach and reputation of your business just by providing great service.

The true strength of text message marketing is its ability to connect with people instantly and keep them engaged. And more often than not an engaged customer is a loyal customer. This is because you are communicating with them in a way that they respond to and with offers that they find valuable. Being able to do this is absolutely vital to building customer loyalty.

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