Ideal for All Companies
Text message marketing is a convenient way to reach out to your customers in the 21st century. Send multimedia messages, ask questions, conduct surveys, announce current offers, and so much more! Smartphones are popular today, and it is important to keep up with current technology. This is one of the most immediate connections with your customer, which is why you should take advantage of it today!

Keyword Usage
Text message marketing can be customized to fit your business needs. Keywords pertaining to your business can be used like the phrase “ELM PIZZA” or “PIZZA” for a restaurant called Elm City Pizza. Keywords that go after your business name rather than your product are better because they are more specific. Make sure keywords are easy to read and remember.

Making an Auto Reply Message
When sending out an auto reply message, include the contact info, links and current coupons or sales. This is the first text that customers see, so be sure to communicate your business objective thoroughly.

Promotional and Advertising Materials
Marketing does not have to be expensive with text message marketing. As opposed to many traditional marketing methods, this is a fraction of the cost. You can use flyers, coupons, click-widgets, run contests with prize winners, and manage promotional codes.

Run Your First SMS Marketing Campaign
A marketing campaign should be thought out thoroughly before it is launched. Before running your campaign right away, always run them with 2 weeks or more in advance. A first campaign is a great way to announce a promotion or offer. Use keywords or codes to get your message across.

Tracking Your Progress
Keep track of your data and progress throughout your marketing campaigns. Analyze opt-ins, opt-outs and click through rates. With Text message marketing, you are in control of your sales. Watch your sales continue to grow and contact SenText Solutions!

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