Starting Your SMS Marketing Campaign With SenText Solutions

When you’re a new customer at SenText Solutions we work hard to ensure you’re given the tools and guidance needed to succeed.  We realize that no two businesses are alike and that’s why we do everything in our power to cater our services to meet the unique demands of your operation, as well as your industry. We start by helping you craft a SMS marketing campaign that will best suit your needs. SenText Solutions has operated in a wide range of market settings and with companies big and small. We’re able to craft a campaign for you from the ground up or just provide the necessary structure to implement a marketing plan of your own.

To make all of this possible we begin by providing one-on-one training with our comprehensive messaging platform system. Our system is sleek and intuitive which means that it won’t be long before you’re able to send messages to all of your customers with just a few keystrokes. This training will include teaching you how to utilize our system’s real-time reporting feature which allows you to see what’s working and shift tactics on the fly.

SenText Solutions also makes sure you get off to a strong start by providing you with a proven method of engaging your customers. We do this through the use of our expert in-house graphics design team. Our design team will work with you to craft signage that is sure to attract customers to opt-in to your marketing campaign. We’ll make sure everything produced fits perfectly with the look and theme of your business. We see SMS marketing as the natural evolution of the type of marketing strategies and branding efforts you already have in place which is why we strive to make the integration of our system as seamless as possible.

SenText Solutions makes it easy for your business to begin using one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. Contact us for to get started!

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