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Building Your Client Base With Text Message Marketing

It can be difficult to attract new customers to a business–no matter what industry you’re in. But it can be particularly difficult in the recreation and fitness sectors. This is because, these days, there are a million different things for someone to enjoy inside the comfort of their own homes. So drawing them away from […]

Sustaining Growth Through Customer Loyalty

Advertising is an incredibly important part of any business. But just like anything else in life it has to be done correctly in order to have any effect. To underscore this sentiment, let’s look at an excerpt of a testimonial sent to us by Paul Saw, who is the owner of Dao Fusion Cuisine & […]

Developing The Right App For Your Business

As we covered in a previous post, a mobile app can be a worthwhile investment for your business. Having one can differentiate you from your competitors and give you a powerful way to connect with your customers. We also discussed how to determine whether or not a mobile app would be a good fit for […]

Take The Sting Out Of Winter With Mobile Marketing

Winter can be a harsh time for many areas of the country–especially here in the northeast. It proves challenging not only for residents but for businesses as well. It’s hard to plan around a blizzard or, any inclement weather for that matter, but the task becomes that much easier when you employ mobile marketing.     […]

Will A Mobile App Work For Your Business?

Mobile Marketing is all about access. Being able to communicate with your audience via mobile devices gives you a way to instantly engage with your base. It’s an incredibly powerful tool which, when used well, can enrich your customer’s experience. One way you can further build on this interaction is by developing a mobile app […]