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3 Healthy Habits For Text Marketing Success

In our last post we shined a light on several bad habits you may be committing with your current text marketing campaign. Here we’ll do the opposite and share a handful of successful tactics to utilize that will vastly improve your text marketing results. Examine Your Responses You should always be mindful of the response […]

The Mistakes Derailing Your Text Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing is at the forefront of today’s marketing industry. And as with any true paradigm shift, it will continue to play a large role in the future of this business. Even now, companies the world over are devising ways to integrate text marketing into their preexisting plans. That should give you an idea of […]

Utilizing Text Messaging On College Campuses

There’s no denying that technology has helped to transform universities and colleges all over the globe. In a sense, that’s what higher learning is all about–progress. That’s why today we wanted to take a look at some of the ways a text message marketing system can improve the lives of students, staff, and teachers. Notify […]

Make Your Mark With Text Message Marketing This Holiday Season

The holidays are an important time for the retail industry. For most locations, the holiday season is the first time stores will be in the black or begin to turn a profit for the year. That’s how Black Friday got its name, and how it and Cyber Monday have become so important in the retail […]

How Stadiums Utilize Text Message Marketing

In order to stay relevant in today’s mobile focused society industries have been forced to adapt and innovate, or they risk being left behind. This has been especially true in the entertainment industry which has always relied on its ability to engage with customers. They thrive off of creating products and environments that their customers […]