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How To Stand Out During The Holidays

We’ve mentioned the need for eye-popping sales during this time of year before, but it’s advice that bears repeating. There will be a glut of sales and offers available from all of your competitors so it’s important to make sure yours are able to cut through the surrounding noise. There are a number of different […]

Make A Great Impression This Holiday Season

This is undoubtedly the best time of the year for the bargain hunters out there. You’ve got black Friday and Cyber Monday and every other day in between. The main takeaway for retail during this time should be that people are already looking to spend. That means your primary focus should be on making sure […]

Better Marketing Through Text Message Automation

Text message marketing is a powerful tool for communicating with your customers and making sure they’re engaged with your brand. SMS marketing is also something that can always be tweaked and integrated into your business in new ways. The possibilities are really only limited by your imagination. But even if you want to do a […]

Making The Most Of Fall

Autumn signals an important time for many businesses, especially those in the retail sector. It’s when things pick up for them and they begin turning a profit. But you don’t have to be in retail to take full advantage of the fall season. Here we have a few tips, and ideas, that can lead your […]

3 Healthy Habits For Text Marketing Success

In our last post we shined a light on several bad habits you may be committing with your current text marketing campaign. Here we’ll do the opposite and share a handful of successful tactics to utilize that will vastly improve your text marketing results. Examine Your Responses You should always be mindful of the response […]