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Will A Mobile App Work For Your Business?

Mobile Marketing is all about access. Being able to communicate with your audience via mobile devices gives you a way to instantly engage with your base. It’s an incredibly powerful tool which, when used well, can enrich your customer’s experience. One way you can further build on this interaction is by developing a mobile app […]

Taking A Step Forward With Mobile Marketing

Taking A Step Forward With Mobile Marketing Here at SenText Solutions, we believe that there is no better way to connect with your customers than with a well constructed and well-timed text message. But that doesn’t mean your marketing plan should begin and end with text message marketing. In fact, you’ll see the best results […]

Increase Online Sales With Text Message Marketing

Examine holiday shopping trends and the conclusion is clear: online shopping is here to stay. More people shopped online during the holidays this year than ever before and this trend is expected to continue as time goes on. That makes it all the more important for stores to adapt. Text message marketing can be a […]

Getting The Most Out of Returns Season

No one enjoys returns. Not stores and not the customers that have to trek out to retail locations during the dog days of January to wait in line. But it is inevitable that scores of people will receive gifts that just don’t fit. It’s well known that dealing with returns is a costly and time-consuming […]

Giving Your Customers A Voice

Business can be easy to come by during the holiday season, but it can be another matter entirely after the holidays are over. But thankfully with some time, effort and planning you can keep your customers engaged throughout the entire year. The best way to achieve this goal is by building up your customer service […]