Retaining Your Existing Customer Base

SenText Solutions has given us the flexibility to engage our customers with instant incentives and communications. We have found that if used properly we not only retain customer loyalty but continue to grow it.

The number of subscribers now continues to grow organically. We can, with the click of the enter button, fill our pub in a matter of minutes with the right promo. That’s the true power of this tool. I would recommend it to any new or established business.
Pepin Young

Canal Park Brewing Company

Mobile Marketing works for every type of business!  Using a single text message, merchants can contact their entire customer base at a moment’s notice!  Staying connected to your customers helps you to:

Retain your existing customers by keeping them informed and interested
Increase floor traffic on slower days
Build your customer base through referrals from existing customers
Interact with your customers through polls, contests and more!
Give your customers what they want by getting to know them with customizable data collection campaigns. 

Many businesses in today’s market are focused on external marketing programs that target new customers.  While constantly seeking the next new customer, business owners often overlook the loyal customer base that returns to their business time and time again.  If the merchant’s primary objective is to constantly bring in new business, they may miss out on the potential opportunity with their existing customers!

Customers are more loyal when they are rewarded for their patronage and they feel appreciated.  Historically, loyal customers will continue to return to the business and will spend more than new customers.

SenText Solutions offers Merchants the opportunity to build a list of their loyal customer base.   Customers can easily join the program by simply texting a Keyword to our Short Code (57711).

Returning customers will also share their positive experience with others through word of mouth).

The business owner can then send periodic messages (offering coupons, discounts, specials and MORE!) to the customers that have already joined.

Offering rewards for customer loyalty promotes repeat customers which increases floor traffic, generates more sales and INCREASES REVENUE!