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Below is a checklist of all the things you will need to get started!

Click here to access information on Website Compliance if you are advertising opt-in information anywhere online.

Click here to view written instructions on how to send out a text message (or click here to download a PDF copy.)

You can review the Platform Training Videos at any time.

For great ideas on how to get more opt-ins, review our helpful guide below.

Get More Opt-Ins!

HANDOUT Bag Tags: Encourage and enforce EVERY employee to hand out their Bag Tags and to ENCOURAGE your customers to join! Remember; “ASK them to join and SAVE MONEY on their purchase TODAY!” And when and if they hand the Bag Tag back, simply encourage them to give it to one of their friends, family or co-worker, “they will really appreciate it if you can help them SAVE MONEY as well”!

Social Media and WEBSITES: Be sure to promote your campaign anywhere and everywhere. Create a Facebook Live Video announcing the launch of your VIP Club, how to join and pin it to the top of your page.

Place your images as a pop up on your website and ALSO encourage your audience to join! Something like: Want to Be VIP? Text KEYWORD to 51660 and join our VIP club and receive announcements and EXCLUSIVE and SPECIAL promotions every week! We will occasionally send you coupons, offers, discounts, sale notices, early alerts, first to know about new products, services, sales, upgrades, etc. Use Emojis😃🔥📣 to grab attention!

Run a social media contest, asking your audience to like the post, comment with a screen shot of their confirmation text from joining, and share the post.

ADVERTISING: No matter where you are currently or planning on advertising, ALWAYS add the invitation to join your  VIP Club! This invitation should appear everywhere to help you INCREASE your database!

Please be sure to install compliance legalese on all printed advertising:

You will receive up to 4 messages per week. Message and data rates may apply when sending & receiving text messages.

Text STOP to 22452, 57838, 57711 or 51660 to opt-out. Text HELP to 22452, 57838, 57711 or 51660 for help. For assistance call 800-211-2001.

(use your short applicable shortcode)

INTERNAL SIGNAGE if you have a brick and mortar location: Put your invitation throughout your entire facility, like dressing rooms, locker rooms, tanning rooms, restrooms, at the check in and check out counter, placemats, table tents, double sided laminated signs on all your entrance doors, bulletin boards, TV ads that rotate in your facility, above dart boards, near pool tables, on your menus, etc.

JOINT EFFORT: You really need to encourage and require your employees to participate in this program! (More customers for businesses like bars, restaurants, car washes, etc. mean more TIPS for the employees as well!)

CAMPAIGNS: Your customers joined your VIP club because 1) they like your business and 2) they want and expect special incentives! It is  easier and less expensive to get your existing customers to come in MORE OFTEN then it is to break a potential customer’s habit from going to their regular  favorite. Once a customer visits your business, you want them to come back MORE OFTEN! Texting drives unexpected on the spot visits. Remember, your text message does NOT always have to be a discount or coupon. Simply send them a text message about receiving a new shipment of products, see our new styles, join our leagues, extended hours, or special early bird hours, get your car cleaned today, clearance items, etc.

PROMOTIONS: When sending out text messages, ALWAYS put your business name first. You control the offer period and expiration periods, always include an expiration date or time to encourage your VIP members to come in during that period.

EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS: If you are sending out SPECIAL or EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS to your VIP members only, be sure to include: Please show this message to take advantage of this EXCLUSIVE offer! This reinforces why your VIP members joined in the very first place! Give them something SPECIAL that the non-members do not get, this will encourage others to join your VIP club!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: An announcement is good for ALL your customers, VIP members as well as anyone! If you are promoting any special event, like karaoke, DJ night, Ladies night, live band, football game, sporting event, Halloween party, etc. then by all means send out the announcements! Remember, your VIP club members signed up to get this kind of information, now share it with them!

CONTEST: Promote a contest for all your VIP members and offer something of value!  We encourage you to offer something  stand out that  really excites your customers!   You can also announce the winner in a broadcast and utilize our Non-Winner automatic message option.

RAFFLE: Announce your Fundraiser or Raffle or Charity drive and encourage your VIP club members to participate by signing up at your business by date. Tell what the winner(s) get and tell when the drawing is. (You may want to include: BUSINESS NAME reserves to right to display the name and picture of the winner in our facilities, on our website, FaceBook page and in any and all promotions and advertising) Winner will be notified by (text message, phone, email, mail, etc)

You can always reach out to your Agent or Merchant Support for ideas!

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