Text Marketing On the Big Game Day 2020

Sell More on the Big Game Day and Beyond with Text Marketing!

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

If you are a local or online business owner, & you want a piece of the 14.5 Billion Potential dollars spent  on the day of the Big Game, this is fantastic time of year to start building your VIP Text Club List.  Video Stats Source.  WHAT TO PROMOTE: These are all great concepts, products, and services that can be promoted …

75% of Customers want Text Messages from Businesses.

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

When it comes to the easiest way to reach your customers, think about if you urgently wanted to reach a friend or family member and you could not get a hold of them by phone. What is the next thing you would do? Email? Hmm, probably not. Would you send them a facebook message? You could, but they may not …