75% of Customers want Text Messages from Businesses.

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

When it comes to the easiest way to reach your customers, think about if you urgently wanted to reach a friend or family member and you could not get a hold of them by phone. What is the next thing you would do?

Email? Hmm, probably not. Would you send them a facebook message? You could, but they may not have messenger or even be on facebook at that instant, or like a lot of people have notifications turned off.

The most ideal option is to send them a quick text. Since your friend or family member knows you and likes you, they do not mind getting a text and might even prefer it. You know they will read it and feel sure they will see it. So now consider how you communicate with your customers. If they love your business and they can easily sign up to get exclusive, VIP type offers and exciting events by text, the same rings true.

They just need to text your business keyword to your designated 5 digit short code and reply "yes" right from their own phone. They do this in the phone app that people use the most for communication, the native texting app that is on each and every phone. They don't even need internet access as text messages are sent over cellular data instantly.

According to this article on techjury.com  SMS messages have a 209% higher response rate than phone, email, or Facebook.

Nearly 30% of consumers will respond to your SMS messages — and nearly 50% of responders will make a purchase.

Business owners mistakenly tend to perceive that customers don't like text messages, but think about the rise of SnapChat and What's App. People love texting. Now armed with some facts maybe the perception needs to be changed to "My customers already text, if they don't want texts from my business, they just won't sign up. For those who do, I want to satisfy their wants and needs from my business."

With all the choices of apps for you to advertise your business on, would it be a smart business decision to have a presence on an app that every phone already has and let's face it, is used first and the most for communication among peers? You decide.

In another article by techjury.com this stands out as a visual wow factor.

By using a quick Text Message sent from an easy to use dashboard housing all of your 100% permission based, double opted in subscribers, you can send any info you need, such as pics, links, emojis and more. Not only is this a communication tool, it is operational and should not only be considered part of your Marketing budget, but your overall Operational Budget. When promoted and used properly, Text Marketing will generate revenue and sales you were never able to achieve before, simply because it is a new avenue for your business. The investment is minor and there are packages available based on your individual business needs.

SenText is on standby and happy to help you reserve your keyword, create a campaign to get subscribers and start sending out revenue generating messages within a week.

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