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Emergency Text Alerts can help SMBs, Govs & Orgs get COVID-19 related info out.

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Text Alerts are a great source for businesses and organizations to get emergency alerts out. 

Just do a Google search for "Corona Virus Text Alerts:" or "COVID-19 Text Alerts " and you can see an array of Government Agencies  with newly launched alert programs to instantly get information out to the public. 

If you are a  business, a school, or any organization, you may need to get emergency alerts out all year long.  Let's talk about the current situation, specifically. 

Employee/Staff/Parent/Student/Member/Citizen Alerts:

 Alerts about openings, closings, best sanitation practices, work-from-home options, supply inventory,  number of local cases, quarantine info,  emergency locations and more to be determined.

Recent Example from a Teamsters Union:

"Please be aware that due to precautions related to the Corona Virus, the Belleville St. Patrick's day parade has been cancelled. We will be in touch"

Recent Example from a Restaurant Association:

"CO issues emergency paid sick leave rules for rest. employees w/ flu-like symptoms who are also receiving COVID-19 testing. Read more:"

Recent Example from a Retail Association:

"HUB >> Wondering how to manage the COVID-19 chaos in your biz? Live video & download here: stop2end, help4help"

Recent Example from a Chamber:

"COVID-19 Shoreline Chamber keeping our community safe. Letter CT monitoring stop2end, help4help"

If you already have a text subscriber platform, you are ahead of the game and can already send out emergency text alerts.  Some businesses are even using some gentle humor to help soften the severity and stress of the situation. We do understand you should be responsible about this but a little humor goes a long way. 

Recent Example from Retail:

"Brandi here - Happy FriYAY! Corona Virus got you down? Shopping makes everything better, right? Stop by today and grab your fav's now -"

Recent Example from a Tavern:

"From this day forward, employees at The V Spot are to no longer show their gratitude with a french kiss to overly generous tippers. Handshakes must cease & desist as well. Now that we are not touching, let's party up! Steak Special & freebie awaits!

Recent Example from a Bakery and Deli:

"Prepare yourself! Green Bagels are back at Bagel Jay's Until March 17th while supplies last! Don't miss out!"

Recent Example from a DIY Boutique:

"Self-quarantined? Mrs. J wants you to #stayhomeandpaint! stop by our sanitized shop for 19% off your project supplies, through sat. 3/14. stop2end, help4help"

Recent Example from a Mexican Restaurant:

"JOIN US FOR LIVE MUSIC FRI & SAT NIGHT PLUS $6 JUMBO MARGARITAS ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! Click here to see the immediate steps we have taken to help keep our customers and employees safe during these crazy times: stop2end"
Recent Example form a Natural Food Store:
"Rebecca's still has elderberry, zinc loz, oregano, Vit C, TP, paper towels, hand soap & disinfecting cleaning sprays. We're happy to hold products prepaid or ship products to you for a flat $5 fee."
As you can see businesses and organizations are definately getting the word out instantly with text messages.  Although they may also be using email and social media,  99% of texts are read according to Forbes and 95% are read within 3 minutes. 
That is something email and social media just can't say. 
It usually takes just a few days to get your text platform set up and get your audience to opt in.  It may take some time to get a massive list but an established and experienced  Text Marketing  Provider can show you how.  
Update: Learn how to drive attendance  for virtual events with text alerts


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