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Text Alerts are an optimal way to reach people fast. 

Millions of businesses globally are having to rethink their entire business model. The fact that the one thing  that most every American carries with them with them is their mobile device, can not be disputed.

Although social media and emails have been the traditional way to communicate. For better results,  more businesses are using text messages to reach people faster. From Amazon sending delivery alerts, to small wine shops sending out virtual tasting event registration links on Zoom, "instant" is better than "eventual" communication.

People are spending more time on their mobile devices than any other time in history.  It can't be proven yet, but it's a pretty good guess. As a result, a considerably smart business owner would surmise, the best place to reach their customers is on their mobile device with a text alert. 

Not only have the usage of mobile apps for online and ordering and delivery skyrocketed in the wake of today's COVID-19 climate, so has the use of text messages.. If you already have a VIP text message provider, and have previously been building a healthy subscriber list you are way ahead of the game.

Many small businesses have been able to communicate whether or not they are open, what alternative ways they can serve customers and how they are doing so safely.  The businesses who are not open are using to stay in touch, and still building their lists until they can re-open again.  When they are ready, they can simply send one text message and reach hundreds or thousands instantly.

Many of those businesses have had to create a new way to offer their products and services and doing it very well.  Wine Tastings, home painting or maker classes, workouts, fashion shows and even Chamber networking events have all been  new ways to do business with virtual meetings  or facebook live/type events..  They are not only promoting on social media and their websites, they are using their text list to drive traffic to the event registrations. They can also remind them ahead of time with text alerts, successfully.  In our next blog, we will give you some great examples.

If you do not have a list already, you can still use your social media, website and email, along with signage in your business to promote your VIP Text Club. Your customers/subscribers can easily sign up by texting a keyword to a 5 digit short code and replying "yes" for 100% compliant opting in.

While you build your events, keep promoting your  text club to your audience before, after and during. The more subscribers on your list, the higher your response rate will be.  All you have to do is give them some kind of incentive to join, then as an additional reward,  they can stay updated on new events.

Additionally, corporate-type businesses can also use this as a way to get more people on their conference calls, and other larger virtual meetings.  Time is money.  Beneficially, the affordable and easy way to reach people earns it's small  investment back quickly.  You can text 1000's of people for as little as $3 per day.

The time you spend in getting the event together is all wasted, if you don't have a great turnout.

Here are the key steps to utilize text marketing  for virtual or live events.

1. Build your subscriber list. Promote it with compelling digital images,  videos,  by email and social media. Invite people on the  phone when your customers call.

2. Offer a contest on social media with a facebook live video. Tell people how to join  and to post a screen shot of their confirmation in the comments, then share the post.

3. Send out registration links at least a week ahead of time, with a reminder within a half-hour before.

4. Promote your text club during the event. Hold up a sign with your keyword and short code. Tell customers how to join and why.

5. Send a "Thank You" text after the event with a link to the next one.  Put the date in the text so the subscriber can add the event to their phone calendar.

Free Virtual Events :

facebook live 

Our next blog will show  some specific examples, so be sure to subscribe.

See some other examples of ways to use text alerts during the Covid-19 Crisis. 

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