The 1 Week Marketing Tweak

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

As a Business Owner, you need to choose the fastest, easiest, most profitable way to reach your audience.

 Have you looked at Text Marketing as an option to instantly reach your customers? Did you decide against it in the past? Have you started text marketing, but  have not fully utilized it to the highest profitability potential?

Either way, it's time for a reset in your MINDSET.  Let's look at some facts. First, take your "Business Owner Hat" off and put on your "Customer Hat." As a business owner, you may think initially, that your customers won't like getting text messages from you. If that has crossed your mind, we know that may be a perception, and not a fact-based reality. In fact, consumers are already getting text messages from other businesses. Another fact, they PREFER them.  Have you ever received a text telling you where a shipment is? An upcoming appointment?  Payment reminders? Prescription updates? It's simple and convenient. Not bothersome, in any way. 

Back in 2019, 89% of consumers had received text messages from a Business or Organization. We can only surmise during the last year this has risen due to the  increased amount of time individuals spend on their phone during the current Pandemic.

So by gaining more understanding in your "Customer Hat" mindset, you might consider a reassessment.

Traditional ways of marketing just can't compare. Social Media/Email Marketing methods are still viable, relevant and necessary for branding, but SMS Marketing  clearly has the upper hand. There is no constantly changing algorithm, approval process or doubt that your message will be seen and by who.  

There are 3 basic steps to SMS Text Message Marketing in order for Businesses to reach their consumers. It does not matter what kind of business you have, what your pricepoint is, or where you are located. Every person has the text app on their phone already. It is the #1 most widely used app. No one has to download it. 

1. Create a great offer to get people to join. This has to be something that appeals to instant gratification, widely across your audience. Putting a 3-day expiration on your offer once joining, drives redemptions. You want to get every single customer who looks at your website, walks by or into your business, searches you online or  sees you on social to become an SMS subscriber. Position this as your  "VIP Text Club", with exclusive offers, pre-sale access and more to them for joining. This will help with engagement and retention. 

2. Treat it as a MAJOR PROMOTION across all of your media asssets. Everywhere your business name, is you should have an offer to join. High traffic areas are great for QR codes and signage for joining. If every single potential, current or first-time customer doesn't see your VIP Text Club offer, you are missing out on future dollars spent. You have to show as a business owner and staff,  that you are serious about rewarding them for their business, and they will take it seriously. Invite them to be VIP verbally and personally. You might be surprised at how many accept!

3. Send messages with engaging offers and content regularly starting with  subscriber #1. This gives you a chance to get used to sending messages and to test out and see what  your customers like and respond to.  Sending announcements are great, but you are very privileged for them offering their phone number in order to reach them directly. Respect that, and leverage it to also generate instant sales with generous incentives they can't get anywhere else. You can even limit the redemtions to "Today Only" or "Between Now and Midnight" urgency. Include "Show this text to redeem" in each text so you can track your redemptions. 

The beauty of this is that only a very clean, organic list of your raving customers will receive messages. They will rave even further, revisit more often, bring and tell their  friends. While they are engaged with you, they will share their experience on social media.  This will increase word of mouth, and social media chatter. Do not wait to send messages until you get a large audience. Your subscibers have no idea how many are in your VIP Club. If you wait too long, they will think you aren't going to send things very often.  Send at least one 1-2 messages per week.  If a customer no longer wishes to get messages, they can simply reply "stop". 

So if you have been neglecting this very viable way to market to your audience, and you now have a new mindset glowing with possiblities, contact your local SenText Representative to reboot or get started today. SenText can help you launch, train and go live within 1 week. Put a SOLID 100% effort into this for 3 months and you will have a massive list that will sustain you throughout the lifetime of your business.

Lastly, Text Marketing is much more affordable than any other form of media. Free posting on facebook with an eventual 2% reach is not the most efficient way to spend your time and effort. Hmmm, 2%  of someone possibly seeing your ad while scrolling...  or instant 99% reach , 95% read within 3 minutes or less?  

Now you can put your "Business Owner Hat" back on and use this 1 Week Marketing Tweak from SenText to your advantage. 

Summer is here and you have a lot to get the word out about!


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Shannon Panaro

Shannon Panaro joined SenText in May 2015. With 20 years of experience in Sales, Digital Media and Marketing, she has worked with 1000's of businesses from SMB to Large Enterprise. She was consistently top-ranked for sales in financial, digital and social applications regionally and nationally. As a creative strategist, ideator and industry enthusiast, Shannon has held several senior roles with SenText.