5 Secret Text Marketing Hacks!

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

So, you have a healthy list of VIP Text Club subscribers. You are doing a great job by sending out consistent exciting offers and engaging your Text Community. You are raking in sales by sending out messages each week that your raving fans see, influencing their buying habits and decisions in real time.  Are you satisfied that you are getting the most out of your efforts?  Why stop there?

Here are some little known ways you can get more out of out text marketing efforts!

1. Get more reviews. Reviews are a double edged sword.  Reviews help your SEO. Positive or negative, they must be grown and responded to to help your ranking by Google.  A great thing about your text marketing subscribers is, they already LOVE your business! If they are willing to give up their mobile number for you to communicate to them, you can be pretty sure, they do. Once customers join, You can send out an automatic follow up message with your Google or facebook or any review link.  You can also set the timing of that message.  Get personal!  Send it as the owner, making your customers feel special!

Example: "Hi! It's Maggie, the owner of Saucy Girl Boutique! I want to personally  thank you for joining our text club . Would you mind taking a moment to review us?  We appreciate it! Stay tuned for more offers!"

2. Customer Service Check! Send out a survey to see how you are  doing with automated responses! This can help deter bad reviews and solve any unknown issues in your business. With Text2Survey you can send out a question with 2-3 answer choices, and subsequent follow up messages. 

Example: "Hello Saucy VIP!" It's Maggie, the owner! I  want to personally make sure you are loving your experience with us!  Could you let me know how you felt about your last experience with us?

Option1.  😊 Loved it! Keep it up!

Follow up message: Fantastic! Would you mind taking amount to review us! We appreciate it and stay tuned for more VIP offers!

Option 2. πŸ˜• Could have been better!

Follow up message:  I am sorry to hear that! Please text my cell and let me know what happened! 123-456-7891 and to say we are truly sorry show this text for 25% off your next purchase or use promo code: SOSORRY

3. Text2Apply!  Who better to hire than people who already love your business! Simply send out your job offer by text with a link to apply! It can be expensive to target good employees. 

4. Birthday or Anniversary Club! You can launch a self automated suprise for your customers, once they join, you can ask them to reply with their birthday or anniversary date.  A predetermined text offer or reward can be sent at the time you choose with any limitations and expirations.  This goes out to your customers each year on that date, they can see it redeem and bring friends. 

5. Increase sales with hidden opportunities! Do you have offerings and services that just don't get promoted enough? Or maybe you want to spotlight that you have free shipping or delivery.  Do you have excess inventory you need to get rid of? Simply send a flash sales with a time limit to redeem your offer. Make sure your incentive is BIG and by limiting the amount of time they can redeem, creating a sense of urgency you can control the redemption.  You can also use MMS (a picture message with a flyer perhaps) that they can "Tap to share" with their friends or on social media! By sending out social media links in your text message, you can literally boost  to your best customers instantly!

All in all you can see there are ways you probably never thought about, that can help you add more value to your text community, engaging your subscribers and helping to get them tell their friends about your business! SenText is happy to offer your business any of these services, included with our regular packages. 


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Shannon Panaro joined SenText in May 2015. With 20 years of experience in Sales, Digital Media and Marketing, she has worked with 1000's of businesses from SMB to Large Enterprise. She was consistently top-ranked for sales in financial, digital and social applications regionally and nationally. As a creative strategist, ideator and industry enthusiast, Shannon has held several senior roles with SenText.