5 Reasons Businesses Should be “Text Friendly” in 2020

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

First, ask yourself, which do you check first on your phone?

Social Media?


Text Messages?

1. Put On Your Customer Hat. Of course, you assume text messages are most important! There may be a message from your family, maybe a weather alert, OR an awesome VIP deal from your favorite store, restaurant or event venue. As a business owner you get thousands of texts a week from vendors or employees, but consumers, your actual customers do not. They actually want text messages.

According to a recent article from smallbiztrends.com,  "64% of small to medium sized businesses are set up to be able to receive texts, only 13% of SMBs use text messages to communicate with customers."

2.  It's The #1 Fastest Way to Reach a List of Customers:  According to Forbes, 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes and 99% are read overall.  You send a text, it arrives instantly on the screen of a phone. There is no faster media available at this time, with that reach and read rate. 

3.  2020 is an election year.  Inventory for Radio, Digital, Print and TV will be in high demand and with a VIP Text List, you have your own control of your branding and message. 

4. MMS Messaging is Powerful.  You can add bold headlines, pictures, links and emojis all in one message. Imagine social media with no images.  The more powerful your text messages are, the more you will drive actions from your customers .

5. Text Marketing is easy and affordable, with an excellent ROI.  We are talking  fractions of a penny per message.  Add the 99% read rate which should  be even more valuable to a business owner. You can also track clicks on the links and use promo codes for more trackability.  Comparably, with social media, there is no guarantee you reach 100% of your fans. It's  actually 10% reach (organically) of your total fans/followers. Even with boosting and ad buys, there is no guarantee available that you can reach 99% of your followers forever, until they unfollow you. 

Alternatively, you are using all the other traditional methods, why not complement those with the most powerful communication tool available in these mobile times?

For more info on how to get started, visit https://www.sentextsolutions.com/how-it-works/.