3 Key Steps to Ace Your Text Marketing Launch

Shannon PanaroDo You SenText?

Are you on the fence about using Text Marketing for your Business or Organization?

Ask yourself these things...

Are you:
  • Wanting to Reach your customers faster with alerts, offers and announcements?
  • Looking for fresh, new ways to communicate with your audience?
  • Looking to get more visits from new and existing customers?
  • Looking to Promote online services and features such as online booking, ordering or delivery?
  • Wanting to send Covid-based updates?
  • Wanting to  increase your social media/email response rate?
  • Wanting to increase online sales?
  • Interested in increasing event sign ups?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, it is very likely that the next question is something like, "How do I get my audience to sign up for text alerts?". 

Having a simple plan in place can make all the difference to have a successful launch and to quickly build a healthy subscriber list quickly.

If you are an existing business and you already have a social media following, an email list, decent SEO/SEM traffic, and other existing advertising, you are already halfway there. 

If you are a new business, you may as well start from the beginning and build your list as you grow. You can reach every single subscriber, there is no minimum on list size. 

Considering that 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes according to Forbes, why would you not want to reach customers where they spend so much of their time? The whole point of being able to text your customers is so that you can reach them instantly after they see all of those other things. How can you reach your customers now, once they leave your business or see an advertisement? There currently is no other medium with which you can reach customers this quickly, with a 99% read rate.

We have prepared a simple and informative infographic to show you the best practices to help propel the growing of your list. Remember you can also send texts out to any list size, 1-1000, and word of mouth also can result of you are providing great value with your texts.

Ultimately, there is an incredible return on the minimal investment of upfront effort to build this database for your business. It will pay perpetually in sales, and maximize your time management, advertising and operational budgets. 

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Shannon Panaro

Shannon Panaro joined SenText in May 2015. With 20 years of experience in Sales, Digital Media and Marketing, she has worked with 1000's of businesses from SMB to Large Enterprise. She was consistently top-ranked for sales in financial, digital and social applications regionally and nationally. As a creative strategist, ideator and industry enthusiast, Shannon has held several senior roles with SenText.