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Most Businesses in the US right now are looking for creative ways to attract new and engage with current employees. Did you know you can use Text Message Marketing technology to do so?

Text 2 Apply Sample

Use signage like this for text 2 Apply

Text 2 Apply is an easy way to generate job applicants. 
There are 3 main benefits to this: 
1. People can simply scan a QR code, or text a vanity keyword to receive an application link. Contactless and easily intuitive.

2. You can advertise this anywhere. Display signage inside or outside your business, on your social media, website, digital media or send via an email list.

3. This method will set you apart from your competition because it is visual and convenient. You can then send out broadcasts letting applicants know when positions are filled or when there are new openings available to your subscriber list instantly, year-round. 
 You can also utilize text marketing to let your existing VIP subscriber list know you are hiring. SenText clients use this to let their customers know about specials, events, and VIP-only offers. Why not tap into that list of people who already love your business to get great employees?

Additionally, you can use Text Message Marketing technology for Staff alerts to engage, update and reward your employees for loyalty. For example, set up a work anniversary where staff enters their start month and year to get a reward each year on their anniversary.

If you have remote staff, this is a great way to instantly reach your employees on their phones for emergency updates, HR alerts, company events, and more.

Optimal ways your company can use this tool:
Lead Generation
Safety Alerts
Weather Alerts
Sales/Marketing Communications
Employee, HR and Company Communications

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